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Virtualization evolution

As a logic evolution of the systems infrastructure, we have migrated our servers infrastructure from usual Linux dedicated servers to VMWare ESXi 5.0. All our services are now dispatched between several PoPs and gives us the capability to add new services on-demand, in 30 seconds, with security, and resilience.

Movin' to ITX1

Following our needs of interconnect to France-IX, and be in "the place to be", L33 Networks moved its infrastructure to the Interxion Paris 1 datacenter. In the scope, L33 Networks will have 2 IP transits and a peering interconnect with the France-IX.

Dialogic partnership

L33 Networks is now a partner of Dialogic. It follows the purpose of the development of the IMS and NGN technologies, using their high-quality products.

TREX workshop 2011

L33|networks was really pleased to participate in the TREX workshop 2011 on Friday the 16th of September 2011 in Tampere, Finland. There were more than 60 attendees, and we presented a lightning talk about VoIP exchanges in Internet Exchange Points. Special thanks for the welcome, and to Aleksi Suhonen for the successfull meeting (and the Finnish sauna of course :).

RIPE 62 meeting

We are glad to be present at the RIPE NCC meeting, during the first week of May in Amsterdam. The main subject was IPv6 of course, but there were some cases really important like ENUM, cooperation, Internet exchange points, and so on. 23 french people was there, for 463 attendees. Nest session in October at Vienna, Austria. L33|networks became LIR (local Internet registry) in April.

ETSI membership

At the date of April, 19th 2011, L33|networks is now member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. The purpose is to contribute to the 3GPP and TISPAN standards concerning the NGN (New Generation Networks) and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem).




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